Truck Advertising USA

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Services we provide;

We are “vehicular advertising specialists” (public transit, truck-side advertising and other forms of mobile outdoor media). *Anything that involves “advertising on wheels”.

Established in 1985, we are one of America’s most credentialed vehicular advertising companies.
We provide comprehensive (turn-key) ‘mobile media’ services.

1) Campaign planning
2) Graphic design services
3) Large format print production
4) Graphic installations & removals
5) Tactical vehicle placement and on-going circulation evaluations.

In a nutshell, we coordinate and manage all aspects of our vehicle advertising programs for the benefit of both; our advertising clients and our fleet operators.

We have accumulated over 350,000 trucks, NATIONALLY, for you to place your outdoor advertising on (3rd party fleets and privately owned trucks that operate perfectly for use as “mobile billboards”) !!

We know “the personality” OF EVERY SINGLE TRUCK in our database !!
*The “mode of operation”… of every single truck in our portfolio !!

The services that we provide are almost identical to those of Billboard companies.

The difference being…

Our billboard ‘platforms’ are privately owned trucks…
that operate in known LOCAL, regional or national
circulation patterns (often within ZIP CODE accountability)

Deliver your outdoor advertising WITH ACCURACY !