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Truck Advertising 101

Truck Advertising: Using third-party box trucks or trailer trucks as mobile billboards to deliver your outdoor advertising messages.

Our company, Roadmark Mobile Media (formerly New England Transit Advertising Inc.), originates from the public transit / bus advertising industry. In 1990, we expanded our offerings to include ‘very select’ box truck and trailer truck fleets into our portfolio, for use as mobile billboards.

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~ We are highly credentialed specialists in “Vehicular Media” ~

What makes any vehicle worthy of use as an outdoor advertising platform ?



A vehicles “Mode of Operation” is KEY to your advertising success !!
~ Every single truck must meet these 3 URGENT Operational Criteria ~
Populated Areas ~ Daytime Hours ~ Accountable Route Circulation

Not every truck is ideally suited for outdoor advertising use. Ours ARE ! We know the ‘operating personality’ of every single box truck or trailer truck in our national database / portfolio. All 350,000 trucks… nation-wide!


Our first question to you is…

“What are your objectives” ?

Demographics… Geographic’s ??

Then, we search our database of vehicles (box trucks or trailer trucks) to find the very best trucks that will serve your targeting objectives !

Our Inventory

We have various sized trucks (box trucks or trailer trucks), truck fleets or independent operators in almost every market, nation-wide. We can usually locate you trucks that operate isolated to just specific ZIP CodesOR broader range; by city, state, region OR long-haul (nation-wide).


Rent Space… Print Graphics… IT’S JUST THAT SIMPLE !

Mobility, Size & Motion

Deliver Your Message… BY TRUCK !